Why are we seeing MORE traffic?


I travel in on the gulf freeway.  My drive has doubled since Ike.  I am hearing the same thing from everyone at the office no matter which direction we are coming from.  Do you know why that is?

First of all, I want to thank this viewer and others for writing in. Great question;plus, it let’s me know what you all are having to deal with and what you are thinking. This is a question that has been brought up quite a few times since Ike. As a matter of fact, I attended a luncheon with Mayor Bill White yesterday and this exact question was discussed.

My best guess:

* We still have people displaced from the coast who are now residing in Houston or close to our area

* We have extra workers in the area and out on the roads traveling to different parts of town (i.e. roofers, electricians) A lack of day care facilities near the coast also impacted families. They may have to drive their children into town where they have family members or a temporary day care set up…which places more people on the roads.  

* Remember, it only takes a few people on the roads who are unfamiliar with traveling in town….to slow things down and backup the freeways.

* This was another explanation offered by a member who attended the meeting, “Thousands of street lights were out of service for days and people got used to having to take the highways.”

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