The Dow…Down, Down, Down

Monday @ 5:41pm

I rarely get headaches, but today was one of those days.

It all began last week when banks started to go under, the government bail-out plans were being voted on and when panic set in for investors.  Like many of you, I held my breath for a huge tidal wave of fear and volatility on Wall Street. I expected the jolt, being a finance major, but there comes a point when the jolt feels like a straight plunge. Last week thousands of frantic investors drove down the prices of some very stable companies. Today, as many of you now know, the Dow Jones Industrials had their largest one-day drop and needless to say…all I could do was watch the red arrow.

So, I’m hoping that if you are in the market, you know what you are doing and how to protect your assets. If you aren’t in the market, be glad you didnt have to ride the roller coaster this time around.

I wish CEO’s weren’t so greedy…Lehman Brothers and many others. I wish that consumers were smarter by choosing not to pay inflated prices on any/all goods/homes/assets. Wishful thinking is a logical fallacy though, so it’s time to look at the evidence and make wise decisions.

One Response

  1. yeah it’s quite a shame that the average hard working American has to bail these clowns out of the mess they created. Where is the responsibility and accountability?! Yes everyone needs to protect their own assets because as we see those greedy corporate types are only out to protect themselves.

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