Katy HOV – Your opinion?

Good Monday Morning to you-

Well, many of you have been writing in and asking what I think of the Katy HOV lane closing. First, let me say that I think things could have been worse this morning as far as the backup. Overall, it was not too bad because many of you were informed about the change. Park Ten was about the worst that we saw traffic get all morning long. Those extra mainlanes sure did help the commute out as well. We did see some drivers who either were not paying attention to signs or who thought that they were “the exception to the rule” and kept driving in the HOV lane. Well, officers were waiting at the Addicks Park and Ride portion of the ramp to steer everyone off…with the exception of Metro Buses.

My opinion: Houstonians and people who live in Katy will be happy with the new HOV and managed lanes coming late October.  🙂


Now it’s your turn to let me know what you think…if you drive the Katy freeway (HOV or not), chime in. Let me know how your drive into work was and any thoughts you have on the topic.


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