Making A Difference, One Child At A Time

The Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office is a division which sets up programs that provide counseling, court based-assessment, gang education and awareness training, job readiness training and more.

The Anti-Gang Division invited me to speak on July 31st, to a group of children involved with the Juvenile Accountability Court Program.  The summer session included a group of children that ranged from middle school to 11th grade with minor violations. The children meet once a week for six weeks, learning about various topics. Our visit focused on Career Day. I was a guest among 10 other professionals ranging from a teacher, professional boxer, councilwoman, pilot, military officer, police officer, banker, marketing manager, counselor, and job recruiter. As you can see, the children were exposed to a wide variety of speakers from the Houston community.

As I looked out in front of me, I saw about 60 kids who were well-behaved, well-groomed, alert and interactive. I knew that each child had a story and that they would continue to make choices in their growing years. Hopefully, our stories and inspiration had a positive influence on these innocent lives.

(Professional Boxer – Juan Diaz)

The counselors and adults who worked with the children displayed a caring attitude and were very connected and dedicated. I think this type of program will save many kids from making bigger errors in the future. For every party involved…..way to go!

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