The Mary Lou Weigh

Can you believe that we are just 2 days away from the start of the 2008 Olympics!? I can still remember when our anchors were saying, “Ok, we’re 56 days away from the games….” Well, I wanted to share with you one of our Local 2 mornings, which included a visit from an Olympic icon. We had the opportunity to meet and speak to Houstonian and Gold Medal Olympian, Mary Lou Retton, in our studios a couple of weeks ago. She was upbeat, extremely friendly and an impressively fit mother of four.

We’ve all stepped on a scale before, right? Usually, we get on one when we are feeling out of shape… perhaps returning to the gym after our clothes begin to feel snug. We take off our shoes, sweater, belt and headphones….lightly step on the scale (like that will have an influence), slow our breathing….and tilt our head down with ease to glance at our weight. BAM! There goes our motivation. You walk over to the cardio machine because that’s what you went to the gym for, but after reading the scale, you aren’t feeling too inspired to hop on a treadmill.  

Well, Mary Lou Retton thought about that often discouraging series of events and decided to make a change in our weight loss experience. She has developed a scale that will never tell you your starting weight. Instead, it secretly records your number and Mary Lou coaches you from there with her automated voice. Check out the link to her innovative product:

 It was easy to see how meeting this Hall of Famer would be a highlight in anyone’s life.  Houston will always be exptremely proud of the character and accomplishments of Mary Lou Retton!

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mrs.Retton on a few occasions as she is a patient of one our physicians and she is exactly as you describe her. Gotta say, you are one of the reasons I watch channel 2 morning news. Keep up the great work!

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