USA vs Mexico (soccer)


USA-USA-USA, Mexico! Mexico! Mexico! The chants were coming from every direction as 71,500 soccer fans packed Reliant Stadium, Wednesday, February 6, 2008. A highly anticipated re-match had everyone revved up and ready to scream.

Diehard fans in their team apparel could easily be spotted from afar; painted faces, capes and sombreros were common accessories. The pictures say it all, dont they?

Well, I have to say THANK YOU to our friends from TV Azteca for the tickets. Another fun event to add to the memories! Kevin and Glen, both fellow employees of mine at KPRC were working the game as well. They help our morning show run smoothly – thanks guys!
Good times.

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  1. I am driving with a co-worker from The Woodlands to the Hobby Airport in the morning. I need to be there by 7:30 a.m. What would be the best way for me to make that trip? How long should I expect the drive time to be?


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