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Bringing in the New Year 2008
January 13, 2008

Happy 2008 to you! Well, 15 days ago I was in Scottsdale, Arizona enjoying a crisp fall day. It was a bit chilly, somewhere around 65 degrees in the afternoon, 30’s at night. It was weird how I ended up spending New Year’s Eve in Arizona…unforeseen in the weeks proceeding the trip. You see, I was in Los Angeles a few weeks before, when some friends and I began to chat about New Year’s plans. I mentioned that I did not have anything lined up yet, but I had vacation scheduled. So, we began to throw travel ideas back and forth. Now, don’t ask me why I didn’t go with the other suggested trips – Belize or Hawaii. Nonetheless, I agreed, with conviction, to go to Arizona. Really, I thought it was all just “talk.”

Fast-forward and I am getting my E-ticket and ID out for airport security. Some employees say hello and mention that they watch Local 2 in the mornings. I smile, we chat and I pass security. Fast forward again, I land and have dinner at Fleming’s, with friends. I crash on a full belly. My alarm goes off at 5 am, after only 5 hours of sleep. Yes, I am on vacation, but I am also dedicated to work. So, click…on goes the television. Channel 15 news, click. Next station, click, click- for the next 80 minutes. My friends are ready to kill me because it’s their vacation too and they would like to sleep in.




(New Year Countdown to 2008!)



Good luck with that. I am ready to see Scottsdale because I had never been. Anyway, after driving and eating, we are off to an NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Rams vs. Cardinals. We enter the Loft Suites and boy was that a mistake. Well, that’s what my belly was saying afterward. Free, endless amounts of food and drinks – steaks, shrimp, chicken, sugar coated popcorn, cookies, cheese and cracker tray, fruit and veggie tray, chips and dip, bowls of nuts, pizza. Of course, I had to try everything – CONTINUOUSLY for the next 3 hours!!

Fast forward, past the movies and random sight seeing…to New Year’s Eve. Our plan, attend the Insight Fiesta Bowl Block Party which has been named by USA Today as one of the top ten places in America to ring in the new year. Along with 100,000 other people, there are motorcross jumpers, magicians, musical entertainers, games, rock climbing, restaurants, bars and fireworks.




(The crowd dancing in the streets at the Block Party in Arizona)

I may have gotten 2 hours of sleep before boarding the plane back to Houston. Thought I was going to catch up on sleep with my 3 hour flight. I picked a seat next to the window and made sure to avoid sitting by the pro-football players (they would be too much fun and i would surely avoid any rest);a quiet, yet stern looking 65 year-old man would be on the aisle seat next to me. Ironically, he talked to me for most of the trip. Fighting the heaviness of my eyes, I gave the man my attention. He started the conversation by saying that his new year’s was spent in Arizona burying his mother. Thirty days prior, he bought a headstone for his father. We went on to talk about his farming in Arkansas, which is home for him. The price of soybeans, old actors, random sitcoms/movies and new computer gadgets were also topics of discussion. At the end of our flight he thanked me for making the trip pass with ease, since he had not flown since World War II, some 50 years ago.

I must say that I began 2008 perfectly…by giving someone a reason to smile. Thank you, Mr. Arkansas, for what you gave to me in return – that new year opportunity.


John and Lance, 1560 AM
January 8, 2008


What a treat! I was invited to hang out with John and Lance from 1560 AM, The Game. The guys are on from 7-11am and bring quite a bit of variety. There’s a good possibility that you have listened to them for your sports entertainment and information, as they are very well established here in Houston.

Last Thursday(1/10), I drove over to the station for the official meet-and-greet. John and Lance were professional, friendly and easy-going. If you missed us, warp back into time by listening to the archived podcast (

Thanks guys…for the laughs. I look forward to our next encounter.

Jen on 1560 AM (radio): THURSDAY 1/10
January 4, 2008

You might recognize these guys – Lance Zierlein and John Granato – they host the 7-11am sports show on 1560 AM, The Game. I have yet to meet them in person, but spoke briefly with the guys yesterday (Thursday, 1/03) on their morning show. I’m going to swing by the radio station and chat it up again with them this coming week. So, get your questions and comments ready; I’m sure they will want to hear from you via email.
Here is the link to their bio page: