KPRC’s Holiday Party 2007

So, you are probably dropping by to hear about the Holiday Party details. It all began last year when Anthony and I sat at the same round table with about 8 of our co-workers. We were talking about how nice the centerpieces were. Anthony noticed that from my point-of-view all I could see was the back side of the decor. So, he kindly proceeded to turn the cookie bouquet which was filled with tissue paper, as you can see in the first picture of the slideshow. You might have also noticed the candles surrounding the centerpiece. So, when Anthony turned the bouquet around, wwwhhufff; the tissue paper caught fire. We all jumped up and started pouring our drinks on a small fire that was about to get out-of-control. Luckily it didnt grow any larger or our sprinkler system might have turned on. Needless to say, this year’s holiday party included fire jokes. Anthony and I were banned from sitting together at the same table and tissue paper was nowhere to be found.
Way to cause a scene – YANEZ! đŸ™‚

Now this is Edgar who seems to recall that I started the fire…well, he’s just picking on me.

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