Recycling this Season and Throughout the Year

Ok, call me a “tree-hugger”…. I am a huge supporter of recycling and practice it daily in my own life. The holiday season has arrived and I was thinking about all of the gift boxes, wrapping paper, upgrade in electronics, Christmas trees and the TON of junk mail such as magazines that we collect during the holidays. But, instead of just tossing them out, I challenge you to make a New Year effort to drop off your recycable material to one of the 2 following locations:
City of Houston Near Highway 59 and Fountainview
How To Get There:
From Highway 59, take the Fountainview exit from north or south. Go one block west to Westpark. It is the large, metal building to your left, turn left and enter from Westpark.
Monday to Saturday – 8 am until 6 pm.
What They Take:
Motor Oil and Filters , Telephone Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Glass, Steel Cans, Aluminum
B.O.P.A. cardboard
Currently, more than 6,000 citizens per month bring their recyclables to the center. These items are then sold to private companies for recycling, with the revenues from the sale being deposited into the city’s general fund. However, Houston has a population of approximately 5.5 million people which makes that 6,000 number look very small. Now, I have a feeling that more than 6,000 of you will be near the Galleria this holiday season. I’m the traffic reporter, so I will be able to prove it. 🙂
Look, the Westpark Recycling Facility is extremely close and you dont even have to exit your vehicle! It’s a “drive-thru” center. So, no excuses.
City Of Houston At Ellington Field
How To Get There:
From Highway 3 and Beltway 8, go south to Brantly (second light). Turn left on Brantly. Curve around to your left and look for the green cans in a parking lot.
First and Third Saturday – 9 am until 1 pm
What They Take:
Telephone Books, Newspaper, Glass (Clear and Colored), Magazines, Aluminum
If you have any recycling ideas that you would like to share with me, feel free to email me.

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