Your Cell Rings, But You Are Driving…

What do you do? Well, let me be completely honest; I usually answer my phone using my bluetooth device.

But, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety(IIHS), chatting on a cell phone while driving increases your risk of collision fourfold! I’m sure many of you have felt the scare…you are talking on the phone or doing something else in the car and barely miss an accident, stomp on the brakes and pray that the person behind you can stop fast enough to avoid hitting you. Another “close call.”

Let’s not mention text messaging, eating, applying make-up, changing CDs or starring at a wreck. So many temptations! But, just think of the hassels that you would go through if something did happen. Your insurance would increase, cars are damaged, tickets are given and most importantly people are hurt. So, is it really worth it? I’ll let you “make the call.”

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