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The Montgomery County Cattle Baron’s Ball
October 26, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

This Saturday, I have been invited to emcee The Montgomery County Cattle Baron’s Ball.

It will be an exciting evening that includes: dinner, dancing, gaming, champagne and diamonds, and a live and silent auction.

The annual gala is a major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and over the years the Cattle Baron’s Balls have netted over $3.3 million. All proceeds from the “Montgomery County Cattle Baron’s Ball” will support the mission of the American Cancer Society.

I am proud to be a part of such a helpful event.

Pumpkin Fun Run – I’ll be there!
October 26, 2007

Morning Anchor, Owen Conflenti and I attended the 2007 GREAT PUMPKIN FUN RUN, Saturday October 27th, at Tranquility Park, in downtown Houston. We judged their Children’s Costume Contest – and all were just adorable. The weather that morning was perfect, a little on the chilly side. One by one, all 40 children/families walked on stage in their attire. There were a wide range of outfits. Some of my favorite included a Ghostbuster costume (the winner), a pea-in-the-pod, 2 barrels of monkeys – spidermen, fairies and princesses were present as well.
There was a 5K run (8 a.m.), the 3K walk and jog (8:10 a.m.) or the 1K kids walk and jog (9 a.m.). The event benefits the Texas Heart Institute. Of course, KPRC Local 2 is proud to be a media sponsor.


Your Cell Rings, But You Are Driving…
October 25, 2007

What do you do? Well, let me be completely honest; I usually answer my phone using my bluetooth device.

But, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety(IIHS), chatting on a cell phone while driving increases your risk of collision fourfold! I’m sure many of you have felt the scare…you are talking on the phone or doing something else in the car and barely miss an accident, stomp on the brakes and pray that the person behind you can stop fast enough to avoid hitting you. Another “close call.”

Let’s not mention text messaging, eating, applying make-up, changing CDs or starring at a wreck. So many temptations! But, just think of the hassels that you would go through if something did happen. Your insurance would increase, cars are damaged, tickets are given and most importantly people are hurt. So, is it really worth it? I’ll let you “make the call.”

The "Bumper to Bumper" Blog…
October 24, 2007

is Born. So what will it cover, you ask? Well let’s see – anything and everything that encompasses traffic. Let’s say there is a big accident with a freeway closed…you’ll need an alternate and I’ll post several versions in detail, right here. Sometimes, on-air, we are very limited on time, so it makes sense to write a thorough explanation in the blog. Houston is also notoriously known for on-going construction. It would be helpful to know what areas to avoid and whether or not detours are set up. I also work on feature stories; those too will be posted. But wait, it’s not aallllll business; there will be fun posts as well, including emails from you guys and upcoming event details that I may be attending. So, I’ll see you in the mornings before you hit that Bumper to Bumper traffic. Smiles.